Attention all Men! Man to Man Fellowship

In football, a team of men gather in a huddle to hear the next play and then go out and execute it. In the huddle, a man finds time to compose himself in the midst of the surrounding noise and distractions that resonate from the opposing crowd. In the huddle, like-minded men re-connect their energy, re-ignite the flame of purpose and encourage one another. The priests of Our Lady of Hope in conjunction with the parish K of C council want to encourage men to join our “spiritual huddle” and return with regularity to stay connected in Christ-centered friendships.

At these Saturday morning gatherings, men will connect with one another to genuinely discuss our Christian lives. We’ll come together to exchange ideas, talk about relevant issues and challenges affecting our lives, and find out how, in Christ, we can overcome them so as to help us become the man, husband, father, and son whom God has called us to be. It is difficult being a Catholic man today and the friendships and support of the parish community can help us all to be faithful to our vocation.

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One Response to “Attention all Men! Man to Man Fellowship”

  1. freddie stewart

    I’m a parishioner @ St. Catherine of Siena in Great Falls, but I frequently make Confession @ OLOH and occassionally participate in Sunday Mass there.

    I’m also an adult convert from Protestant evangelicalism, where I experienced very vibrant “man-to-man” Christian fellowship in my former church home and beyond, primarily in association with the “Promise Keepers” movement of the mid-/late 1990s. This is the one aspect of my former spirituality which I feel to be a genuine loss since my conversion.

    I am very encouraged by the “get real” spirit of the flyer, which is very reminiscent of the spirit of the fellowship I once enjoyed. Although I have a very early morning Adoration “watch” during First Fridays, I am very motivated to give this forum a try. May God bless this outreach of Catholic men to their brothers!