New Mass Translation

What Changed?

The book that contains all of the prayers of and instructions for praying the Mass is called the Roman Missal.  The official version of the Roman Missal is written in Latin.  In the United States, we use an English translation of the Latin Roman Missal.  A new translation from Latin to English has been approved for use and went into effect on Sunday, November 27, 2011.  Several of the words and phrases said by the priest and people are changed. Please review the resources and listen to the homilies on this page to learn about the changes.



Using a Missal is a great way to fully and actively participate in the Mass. Visit our Gift Shop this weekend to purchase a new Missal!

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Homilies on the New Translation

Fr. Saunders & Fr. Schierer offerred a three-part homily series on the New Mass Translation.

To enjoy the homilies, you must have Real Player installed.

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