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Clarification regarding the march on Saturday, June 6th

Dear Parishioners,

Here is an important clarification regarding a march, this Saturday, June 6th for Black Lives Matter.

Our Lady of Hope, Algonkian Park, and the Sheriff’s Department were not informed of this event taking place. We discovered this event on Tuesday through a posting on social media.

Once the matter was brought to my attention, I spoke with the young woman in charge, a local high school student. She said that this gathering would be about 50 – 100 people. They would gather at Algonkian Park, have several speakers, and then march, crossing Algonkian and ending in our upper parking lot.

I then spoke with the manager at Algonkian Park, who was also taken by surprise. He did not have additional details to offer.

Today (Friday, June 5), I spoke with Tom Gilligan from the Sheriff’s Department. He too said that this was a surprise to them. Since the participants are parking at Algonkian Park, he planned on encouraging them to remain in the park, and not leave the park area for the march.

The Sheriff’s will be on alert and have officers stationed here at Our Lady of Hope.

The goal of Our Lady of Hope, Algonkian Park, the Sheriff’s Department, and the young lady organizing the event is to make sure this remains a peaceful demonstration.

We do not want to do anything that ignites any difficulties.  Yes, some things seem out of control, but we do not want to make anything worse during these difficult times.

Please know I, as your pastor, did not know about this march until after it was planned.  We must pray for an end of racism, but right now we must pray too for the healing of our country. We must do our best to make sure we respond in peaceful ways. Even our Lord commanded us, “Love your neighbors,” and only by showing real love, being respectful of others, and peacefully working for justice and change will we transform hearts and minds.

May God bless you,

Father William Saunders

Posted on June 5, 2020


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