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By Steven Hemler, President of the

Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America (CAINA), author of

The Reality of God: The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator and

Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness

Proclaiming the Reality of God:
Scientific and Human Evidence of God’s Existence

This PowerPoint and video-based presentation on Friday, March 29, from 7:45-9 pm provides amazing scientific evidence―as well as evidence from human nature―demonstrating God’s existence. Contrary to the prevailing myth of a conflict between science and faith, attendees will be excited to learn “the rest of the story” regarding scientific evidence of God’s existence, mostly presented on video by scientists themselves. This information will strengthen our faith and be valuable for sharing with family and friends who may doubt the existence of God.

Which is True: Creation, Evolution, or Both?

This multimedia presentation on Friday, April 5, from 7:45-9 pm explores key Church teachings on the biggest challenge to faith experienced by many people today, especially in college: Is evolution compatible with faith in God? Or does evolution make it possible to be an “intellectually fulfilled atheist”? While you may not have doubts about God’s role in the evolutionary process, this presentation will provide valuable information for discussion with those who do.

Why Would a Loving God Allow Evil, Pain, and Suffering?

This multimedia presentation on Friday, April 12, from 7:45-9 pm looks at how the greatest Christian thinkers of all times have dealt with the problem of evil and the mystery of suffering in a world made and pronounced “good” by God. In other words, why does God allow terrorism and other atrocities, as well as disease and natural disasters? This presentation includes several powerful and inspiring video testimonies. Understanding the meaning of suffering will help us and those we love become better, not bitter, when facing the inevitable hardships in life.

All talks are in the Parish Hall beginning at 7:45 pm, after Stations of the Cross.  Everyone is welcome!

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