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Bone Marrow Match for Joey!

A match has been found for Joey! He will receive a bone marrow transplant on September 12. Students at OLOH are having a “Hats on for Joey” day where they’ll wear a hat in honor of Joey and his donor and to raise awareness. You can post your “Hats on” photo and learn more on Facebook.

Thank you again to everyone who supported Our Lady of Hope’s Be The Match Bone Marrow Donor drive in December 2012. For those who have been wondering, a match has been found for 8 year old parishioner Joey Angel who suffers from severe aplastic anemia. Although the donor is not from our parish, the National Marrow Donor Program is grateful for the additions to the registry. Please keep Joey and his family in your prayers as he undergoes a Bone Marrow Transplant in early September. More information about Joey is available at

Unlike an organ transplant, a bone marrow transplant involves a few weeks of preparatory medication including chemotherapy, to prepare Joey’s body to receive the donor cells. The actual transplant will occur on September 12th (please keep the donor in your prayers, donating on the preceding day of September 11th), and the transplant looks more like a blood infusion, only it is bone marrow stem cells. From transplant day it is expected to take around 6 weeks to see positive results, and Joey will be hospitalized during that time dealing with the side effects of the process. You can register on Joey’s Caring Bridge website to get regular email alerts for updates.

A trust fund has been set up for Joey to assist with his medical and home care costs during this process. Joey will be in the hospital for at least a couple months and then will be homebound likely until next spring. The trust will be tax-deductible and the tax ID number can be provided. Any donations received above what is needed for Joey’s care will be donated to a charity of Joey’s choice to help others with bone marrow failure.

Donations can be made to “Joey Angel Trust” and mailed to:

Tracy Meredith, Branch Manager
Cardinal Bank
11150 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 110
Reston, VA 20190

Thank you for supporting the Bone Marrow Registry and for continued prayers for Joey, his matched donor, and the family.

Posted on September 6, 2012