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Do you know anyone who wants to become Catholic?

Do you know anyone who wants to become Catholic?

I did!

I have two dear friends I work with that I invited to attend last year’s RCIA classes with me and am I EVER SO GLAD that I did!!  My friends Jean and Mylene knew that my Faith is ever so important to me and it came up in conversation one day at work that they would like to attend Mass with me one Sunday and I was thrilled. 

As I witnessed Jean and Mylene’s interest and commitment to meeting me Sunday after Sunday for Mass I told them I was going to take part in the upcoming RCIA and explained what it was to them to see if they might wish to join me.  I had taken my first RCIA under Father Saunders not really knowing what it was about as I thought it was just a great opportunity to learn more about our Faith.  Once I realized the purpose of the classes I had a good laugh at myself and continued to attend despite already being a “Cradle Catholic.”  

Attending RCIA with my two friends along with the other friends we made during the time spent together was a GIFT from God as we all bonded in a most unique way as we all grew closer to God as our leaders and Father Killian laid out the foundation, teachings and precepts of our Catholic Faith.  You will be forever blessed if you choose to take this journey and my reward was seeing my two dear friends as well as others in our class enter into full communion with our Catholic Church and our Faith Family. 

—————-Wendy Farrell

I decided to join the RCIA to learn more about Catholicism and our Lord, Jesus Christ. I enjoyed going to church but did not understand all the things that were going on. RCIA taught me these things and so much more. The teachers and speakers were so inspirational, supportive and helpful. I met some wonderful people. RCIA helped start my journey with a relationship with God.

—————Mylene Schindelmeiser

I was baptized as a child in the Catholic Church but had never received First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  In early 2020 I decided that I was going to go back and finish what was started so many years ago. A co-worker attended Our Lady of Hope and I asked her if I could meet up with her on Sundays to attend Mass.  We started in early 2020, but then the pandemic hit.  Through the church bulletin I saw the RCIA classes and knew I wanted to sign up. I mentioned it to my co-worker and she was more than happy to be my sponsor. 

The RCIA classes were very helpful and put me on the right path to my goal.  I looked forward to attending every Thursday and always made it a top priority.  I didn’t miss any of the classes. I continue to attend Mass every Sunday and have decided to join this year’s RCIA group even though I did meet my goal of Confirmation. There is always something new to learn.  I look forward to attending again this year.

———- Jean Almaguer

If you know someone, contact RCIA Coordinators: Phil and Sally Girardi at 703 435 9116 or if interested in becoming Catholic, register directly for classes via the Becoming Catholic link on this web page.  Classes start September 23, 2021.

Posted on August 11, 2021