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Five Car Raffle

Thank you for your continued financial assistance and prayerful support of our parish. The whole family of Our Lady of Hope appreciates your ever-faithful prayers and sacrifices. It is through these types of individual efforts that the whole Body of Christ at Our Lady of Hope flourishes and begins to realize its vision for the future.

All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas has, once again, invited our parishioners to sell tickets for the annual multi-car raffle. We urge support of this fundraiser, as All Saints supports our parish and many other parishes throughout the diocese.

As in the past, we ask that each parishioner (whether one person or a family of 12) participate in this year’s car raffle by selling the enclosed raffle tickets. If each parishioner participates in this way, the whole community benefits. Tickets for this year’s Five Car Raffle were mailed Monday, February 8.

Five 2021 vehicles from Koons of Manassas (Honda Civic, Buick Encore, GMC Canyon Truck, Honda CRV SUV & Honda Odyssey Van) will be raffled off in five separate drawings to be conducted at All Saints on April 24, 2021. Each ticket gives the purchaser a chance to win all five cars plus $20,000 in cash drawings!

Whether you participate in the raffle or not, it is very important that you return your tickets (purchased, sold, or unsold) as soon as possible. The Virginia Department of Charitable Gaming requires strict accountability for this raffle.

Please complete the color-coded card enclosed with your tickets as indicated, and return it with your raffle tickets in the envelope provided. Tickets/ticket stubs should be returned by mail to All Saints Catholic Church. No tickets/ticket stubs will be accepted after close of business on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Once again, all ticket processing will be done at All Saints, due to Charitable Gaming requirements. Tickets must be mailed directly to All Saints Church, Attn.: Car Raffle, 9300 Stonewall Road, Manassas, VA 20110. Again, a windowed envelope has been provided along with the color-coded card with the return address. Also, CHECKS MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO “All Saints Catholic Church.”

May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you in abundance for your generosity and prayerful support.

Posted on February 10, 2021