Happy Easter from Fr. Saunders | Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church

Happy Easter from Fr. Saunders

Dear Parishioners,

“Jesus Christ is risen today! Alleluia!” The tomb is empty. Jesus-the Son of God, Lord and Savior-has conquered sin, death, and evil itself. He has established a new Kingdom, a kingdom of love and truth, justice and peace. This kingdom is made visible in the Church, which is founded upon the apostles, which continues to proclaim His Gospel, and which continues to share His life and love through the sacraments. This Easter is truly special, since we still celebrate the election and installation of Pope Francis, the 266th Successor of St. Peter. No other Church can claim such continuity.

And how has all of this been possible, despite the persecutions, schisms, heresies, and human frailty within the Church seen over the centuries? Because the Risen Christ is with His Church. His tomb remains empty, yet the tombs of so many “great” individuals who thought they could be king and who thought their kingdoms would last forever, remain filled.

So this Easter, we again renew our baptismal promises. In so doing, we renew our commitment to Christ as our Lord and Savior, and promise again to serve Him as a faithful member of His Church.

Please remember in your prayers, and support those individuals who entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil:
Janine Louise Graves
Danielle Brooke Hayden
Ryan Jones
Carol Lee Oliveri
Valerie Wells

May the Lord continue the good work begun in them!

As your pastor, I am very grateful for all of the hard work and dedication of so many people who made our Holy Week Liturgies so beautiful. Moreover, the faith commitment of the people and families who make our Lady of Hope Parish bears witness to the reality of the resurrection. Truly, the Risen Lord is with us and dwells among us.

On behalf of Father Schierer, Father Sly, and all of the Staff at Our Lady of Hope, I wish each of you a blessed and joyous Easter! Please be assured of my prayers for your intentions and a remembrance at Holy Mass.

May God bless you,

Father William P. Saunders, Pastor

Posted on March 31, 2013