Parish Prayer List

Parish Prayer List

Names are kept on the list for 30 days. Hover over a name to see the date it will be removed from the list. Please use the form below to request a new name or to keep one on the list for a longer period of time.

Anniken Owe

Harold Blankenship

Jack Phillips

John Murray

Faithful Departed

Please keep the faithful departed in your prayers.

Gabby Perry

Jameson Gabriel Shrady

Kate O’Beirne, sister of Virginia Rowell

Newell Anderson

Otto Hermann, father of James Klote

Peter Koch, husband of Mary Ann Koch

Stuart Nelson, father of Dennis Nelson

Add someone to the Prayer List

Please use the form below to add to, remove from, or update the status of someone on the Parish Prayer List. You may alternately call the parish secretary (703-433-6770). All fields are required.

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What Eucharistic miracle inspired the Feast of Corpus Christi?