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Catechetical Institute

Jackie Regan, Coordinator

(703) 433-6770

Ashley Cristofaro , Co-Coordinator


Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University

Our Lady of Hope is happy to introduce a new faith formation tool offering free mentor-based
online formation for every person in the parish. The Catechetical Institute at Franciscan
University of Steubenville provides engaging content for individuals and groups, with over 130
available workshops! Workshops include:

 Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture
 Understanding the Liturgy
 The Basics of Catholic Morality
 Conversion in Modern Culture
 Theology of the Family
 Guide to Loving Parenting

Come explore this unique opportunity to grow your faith.

Additional Information

The Catechetical Institute is an online learning platform designed to help form those who are working to fulfill the mission of the Catholic Church.  We invite every parishioner to use this resource, whether you are a catechist, parent, school teacher, youth minister, adult group leader, or volunteer.  It is NOT the same as Formed, nor is it a Bible Study or RCIA program.

The CI provides workshops consisting of short video clips and tasks which can be completed individually or as a group.  Tasks are reflective challenges that actively engage you in the learning process.  The goal is to help you better know and love the faith so that you can more effectively share the faith with others.

The Catechetical Institute flyer how to register