Parish Prayer List - Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church

Parish Prayer List

Parish Office, Coordinator

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Intentions of the Sick

Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church Prayer List

Please Pray For

Miriam Earl

Kevin Tham and Adeline Tham

Rosa Zavala

Carlas & David Starling

Colin Canavan

Elise Chawaga

Pamela Granados

BJ Marchi

Anna Carillo

Amy Cincala

Taryn  DeCicco

Mercy and Bill Delaney

Kristin Grasson

Odette Hand

Ann Hannah

Zachary Jefferies

Angela Nelson

JoAnn Nelson

Barbara Orandello

Noel Raj

Amal Raj

Kathy Schmitt

Marlene Skowronek

Diane Miller

Leeroy Luoma

Germansky Family stuck in Ukraine

Nancy & Joseph Volpe

Richard Morris

Judy Tucker

Nicholas Mangus

Mary Orosa

Christina Velasquez

Amaldo Velasquez

Armando Velasquez

Marjoie Lauber

For the Church and School and for those whose suffering is known only to God. We ask God to send his healing light upon those in need and to take those souls to him that have passed.

The Above Names will be listed for 30 Days. If you would like to added to our parish prayer list please fill out the form below or call the Parish Office at (703) 433-6770

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