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Parish Prayer List

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Intentions of the Sick

Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church Prayer List For the Sick

Our Lady of Hope Intention Book is located in the Parish Center Office.
To add a name, please fill out the form below or email

For a name to be placed on the public prayer list, the name placed must be directly related to the requested and have the permission of the person to be placed. If your request is for a friend or someone else, the name will be withheld from the public list and placed into private prayer.

Please Pray For

Jessica Botta

Andrew Langenbach

Kathy Schmitt

Esmeralda Salgado

Cherie Tippett

Joseph Sanders

Barbara Orandello

Amelia Cincala

Donald Deda

Kristin Grasson

Uding Valdez

Anita Valdez

Marlene Skowronek

Jack Land

BJ Marchi

Joe Reblondo

Fernanda Pannone

Anna Isone

Kaytlin Norris

Bernice Juneau

Dennis Juneau

Warren Montgomery

Margaret Iuso

Bonnie Macias

Michael Harrill

Kevin Tham and Adeline Tham

Rosa Zavala

Carlas & David Starling

Colin Canavan

Elise Chawaga

For the Church and School and for those whose suffering is known only to God. We ask God to send his healing light upon those in need and to take those souls to him that have passed.

The Above Names will be listed for 60 Days. If you would like to added to our parish prayer list please fill out the form below or call the Parish Office at (703) 433-6770

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