Offertory Envelopes | Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church

Offertory Envelopes

New parishioners are automatically added to our envelope distribution list upon registration; however, they may take a few weeks to arrive. During this time, you make use a regular envelope with your name or parishioner ID number on it.

I haven’t received my envelopes

If you haven’t received the most recent offertory envelopes, one of two things may have happened.

From time to time, the packet of envelopes can get lost or damaged in the mail. Please call the Parish Office and let us know that you have not received your envelopes, and we will have the printers send you a new set. Since this may take a few weeks, you may use a regular envelope with your name or parishioner number on it while you wait for replacements to arrive.

We also update our distribution list annually, and remove those who have not used envelopes over the last year. If you believe you were removed from this list by mistake and would like to begin receiving envelopes again, please contact the Parish Office.