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Altar Servers

Fr. Smith, Coordinator


Master Schedule

Schedule last updated on 08/31/2021

Mass Time 1st Sunday
St. Joseph
2nd Sunday
St. Michael
3rd Sunday
St. Gabriel
4th Sunday
St. Raphael
5th Sunday
Guardian Angels
5:00 SAT Conor Greb Nicholas Apostolou Joaquin Hacek
Charley Apostolou Michael Long Nicholas Diederich Thomas O’Mara
John Silk Joseph Diederich
Samuel Hacek
7:30 Aidan McIntosh
Robbie Hughes Ian Farber William Fallon William Fallon
Owen Eichensehr Ian Farber Timmy Neeley Aidan McIntosh
Luke Heinze Khoi Phan William Fallon Truston Luong Owen Eichensehr
9:00 Patrick Noonan Nial Johnson Sebastian Said Kolbe Tynan  
Liam Tynan
Michael Wilkinson Jeffrey Sheridan
Joseph Noonan Luke Pillion Colin Lavery Colin Lavery
10:30 Jeff Grado Jeff Grado Jeff Grado Jeff Grado Jeff Grado
Fred Mendicino
Avery Perkins  
Henry Perkins John Silk Ian Pilande Jeffrey Sheridan
12:15 Alejandro Casillas Avery Perkins
Thomas O’Mara Kameron Smith Joshua Miller Henry Perkins
John Paul O’Mara Connor Ryan Timothy Perkins
Sebastian Guevara Thomas Perkins Kameron Smith


SCHEDULE: This schedule repeats each month. If you are scheduled for the first Sunday then you will serve on the first Sunday of each month.

5th SUNDAY: Occasionally a month will have a fifth Sunday. There is a special team for the fifth Sunday of the month. In 2020, this includes the months of March, May, August, and November.

WANT TO SERVE? Boys who are in grade 4 (age 10) or older are invited to serve at the altar. Please email Father Smith at for information about the next training session.


SUBSTITUTE: Log in to see your upcoming schedule or request a substitute.


Fall Training dates will be October 16, October 23, November 6, and November 13. Sessions will run from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Boys interested in serving must attend one of these sessions, whether he is a new or returning server.

Each session is limited to no more than 15 boys so that each server has the opportunity for hands-on experience with each task. Please make sure boys are in the church at least 5 minutes before the session begins.

Click here to find an available session.

If you are unable to attend any of the sessions, please contact Father Smith.

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