Culture of Life - Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church


Our mission within the parish is to work toward restoring respect for all human life from the moment of conception until natural death. To accomplish this task we follow the guidance of our pastor and our bishop who have given us four areas of focus: Prayer, Education, Action, and Sacrifice.

If you are interested in any of these activities, would like to give suggestions, or know of a parishioner in need, please contact Fran, Culture of Life Coordinator, at

Pregnancy Resources

If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis pregnancy, know that you are not alone! We want to help.

Local Organizations

A Woman’s Choice (Herndon)
Offers confidential pregnancy services, including free pregnancy testing and sonograms, on-going personal counseling and emotional support, adoption information, same-day appointments, referrals community resources, and more.
(571) 599-2002 | (703) 304-6522 (after hours consultation by text messaging)

Birthright of Loudoun (Leesburg)
Offers confidential pregnancy services, including free pregnancy testing, counseling and emotional support, referrals community resources, and more.
(703) 539-2575 | (800) 550-4900

Gabriel Project
Offers pre-natal care assistance, referrals to local parish ministries, Catholic Charities, and other community resources
(866) 444-3553

Project Rachel
Offers confidential, compassionate, non-judgmental help to women and men who have been affected by abortion.
(888) 456-HOPE (703) 841-2504 (English)
(703) 841-2504 (Espanol)  |  (703) 841-3833 (Men) (English) (Espanol)



License Plate

Virginia currently offers over 200 special license plates, from wildflowers to your favorite college football teams. Why not get a plate that expresses the value of human life? This license plate is a clear and colorful Pro-Life message that travels with you. Better still; a majority of the specialty plate fees will go to  a pregnancy center in Virginia that adheres to Heartbeat International’s Commitment of Care.

Click here for the VA Choose Life website with more information.