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Parish Outreach

Marilyn Wilkinson, Coordinator


Parish Service Partnership seeks to assist parishioners by providing services, lending a helping hand or a listening ear, and encouraging participation in ministries and activities. Services we hope to provide include warmly welcoming our newcomers to the parish and the neighborhood, providing rides to and from Mass or other parish events for those who cannot drive, and visits with home-bound parishioners. We also provide meals to those families who are welcoming our tiniest parishioners home, or facing unexpected emergencies such as hospital stays, difficult recoveries, or dealing with bereavement. If you know of a parishioner who could use assistance, is new to our church, or if you would like participate in any aspect of this rewarding ministry, please contact the coordinator.


How do I request a meal or other help?

Use the “Contact the Coordinator” tab to submit your request. Remember, in times of need we are only an email away!

How do I sign up to help?

Use the “Contact the Coordinator” tab to let us know how you would like to help. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Skills/

How do I get an assignment?

The Outreach Coordinator will email you with a request for help. The specifics of the request (such as dates for the need, number of people in the family, allergy concerns, directions to the home, etc) will be included in the email request.  If you can are able to help, you will be directed on how to sign up for a specific date.  You will then receive a reminder email a day or two before your chosen date.

How often will I be asked to help?

As often as the need arises! If you get a request and the time isn’t convenient for you, there is no need to reply to the request.

I’m providing a meal. What should I cook and how should I deliver the meal?

The choice of menu is up to you (keeping in mind the recipients’ dietary restrictions). At a minimum, you should provide an entree and a vegetable or salad. If you would like, you are welcome to add bread, dessert, and/or beverages. We recommend using disposable pans for the meal. If this is not an option, please clearly label your pans with your name and phone number, and let the meal recipient know that he or she may leave the pans on the front porch for you to pick up at a mutually convenient time. Keep in mind that if you are unable to cook, you are welcome to pick up dinner from a nearby restaurant or peruse the frozen entrée aisle at the grocery store!

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