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Join the Parish

Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church is more than just a building,–it is the collective Christian faithful working together to build a sense of community, A community whose journey is towards the Heavenly Kingdom. Registering as a parishioner should reflect a desire to practice and grow in your personal faith as well as a commitment to support the mission and needs of the World. In turn, your pastor, who is obligated to serve your spiritual needs, will be able to better serve you and your family.

Registration cards are available in the Parish Office or in the information rack by the front doors of the church. If you live outside the parish boundaries, please include a note to the pastor with your registration card, stating why you are requesting to join Our Lady of Hope rather than the parish in whose official boundaries you reside.

Active, registered members are also eligible to receive godparent/sponsor letters. This allows members to have children baptized or enrolled in religious education, or be married in the parish. To be considered active, one must have been registered in the parish for at least three months, attend Mass regularly, and show a commitment to stewardship of Time, Talent, and Treasure. 

In a community as large as Potomac Falls, Our Lady of Hope, our most effective means of verifying active participation is through the use of parish offertory envelopes or electronic giving, such as Faith Direct. If you choose not to participate in the support of the parish, or are unable to contribute due to financial hardship, please not your prayerful support on your envelope and place it in the weekly offertory. We will then be aware of your continued participation, and you will not be noted as “inactive” on our parish roster.